Thursday, 30 March 2017

Liberal Feminism Is Not a Winning Strategy in Gaming...(2014 called and want their blog post back)

Considering it's been a massive failure for SJWs, you'd think they would back off from trying to sabotage the unquestionably Bro, videogame world. I occasionally read left wing media to keep track of what they are thinking, and I was moderately interested to see the headline "Liberal Feminism Is Not a Winning Strategy in Gaming".

However, reading the actual article you see why they headlined it as such. Liberal Feminism has failed - because it's not Maoist enough. As Vox Day says, they always double down:
"It is no secret that gaming is often perceived as a boys’ club. Although too many of the famous titles feature plot lines involve a damsel in distress or scantily-clad female characters, the actual composition of gamers looks quite different – women make up 52% of all people playing video games!

But this diversity is not reflected on the development level, with only 22% of games developers being women as of 2014. Games journalism sites will also offer numerous articles on the fact that within the industry, men are three times more likely to earn top dollar. Quite a few collectives and discussions are dedicated to the promotion of women getting involved in making video games and having equal opportunities to their male counterparts. Unfortunately, it is not enough...

...(ignore the faux concern for the third world since it's only there to make marxists feel justified trashing the first world lol)...

Direct action.

If nice words and demands won’t help –  it is our responsibility to be angry. As women, it is our creativity that is making tech and gaming ever more impressive, engaging and unique. We have the agency to protest the atrocities committed by the brutal capitalist tech machine. If the bosses don’t listen (and why would they), we must be persistent and combative. We cannot ignore the fact that these economies are so deeply entrenched – people having better work conditions would probably equate to electronics being more expensive, companies won’t just choose to reduce their profit. That’s why a diversity of tactics must lead to a complete overthrow of how we engage with commodities and modes of transaction."
Right. Just incase you believe that 52% of gamers are women, that stat includes all sorts of terrible disease ridden filth like the free games on Facebook, candy saga, etc. No one cares about these games and they aren't the ones being targeted by feminists, the big budget games chiefly popular with men and boys are. So the real split is men are the majority of the serious gaming population, while women are the majority of the larger casual gaming population which does not give them the basis to claim they are under-represented. There are games marketed to women but they are in a minority and the market just isn't there compared to men.

What is really happening here is the age old female desire to transform (read: domesticate, ruin) a male space.

You know, it would be funny if men just turned up on daytime TV and started lecturing women about what they should and shouldn't wear or how they should behave, and getting women banned from the audience (and subsequently fired from their jobs) if they disagreed. I would laugh, since that's basically what women have tried to do with all male spaces. They have had some success with sport over the last few decades, but they will continue to fail in the videogame world because the customers won't stand for it, imo. Gamers are based.

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