Saturday, 25 March 2017

Do The Government Want Us To Hate Muslims?

After each terror attack, the most important thing to remember is "He Will Not Divide Us!"

Muslims at mosques linked to Khalid Masood fear anti-Islam backlash

Good people on the left are wrong, imo, about this. They are still into the idea that our government is 'the man', meaning the white man, and it's full of racists  who want us to be racist too (so that we can be more easily controlled. Governments always want their people to be easier to control!)

This was perhaps true in about 1950, though even then not completely so. Back then our governments needed us to think tribally so we would be prepared to do battle with whoever the bankers didn't like this time.

if Western governments were against Islam, they wouldn't have demonised and bombed the Serbs.
However, that description doesn't seem to fit anymore. Since the 80s, when the Mujahadeen showed Zbigniew Brzezinski what they were capable of, western governments, or elements within them, seem to be allied with the worst possible strains of Islam as a means of acheiving the globalist Coudenhove-Kalergi objective to selectively breed first-world populations that will be easier to dominate.

For example, if the government of the UK wanted to inflame public opinion against Muslims as some suggest, state propaganda outlet BBC wouldn't play down the Islamic angle on the story. There would be 24 hour news coverage of, "here is his mosque, let's ask the preacher some tough questions". Can you imagine what would happen if state media went with a headline like "Islam Strikes" etc? Why have they suppressed news of Muslims all over the world celebrating this atrocity? We didn't celebrate when Fallujah was being decimated?

Instead they did an interview with a Muslim MP who predictably says her mostly Muslim constituents were 'shocked'*, which I lol'd at. Anyone with a limited knowledge of Islam knows that this is normal for them, like London's mayor said, and if you want to live among Muslims you can expect this kind of thing to be a regular part of life. It certainly won't have shocked any Muslim from, say, Pakistan.

Woman photographed in hijab on Westminster Bridge responds to online abuse

Trust the article or your own eyes? She dgaf. Not that I would expect different - it's not her people being attacked, after all. Diversity doesn't work: exhibit Z. For peace, we must go our seperate ways.
In The Wake Of The Westminster Attack, Londoners Need To Call Out Islamophobia

If you're a leftist, you believe the goal of the rulers is conventional fascism, in other words a 'foreign' attack followed by outrage and crackdown. Yet this crackdown never comes (not against foreigners, anyway) nor is it encouraged by those in power across Europe. I am suggesting that the globalists have moved on from this form of political system and, perhaps with the advent of robots on the horizon, their goal is not to provoke a response from their native populations, but to effectively destroy them.

Of course the globalists hate Muslims - it's not like we have forgotten the million dead Iraqis, or I haven't - but they don't fear them (like they fear Europeans), hence this choice they have made. Like the ISIS flag says, All Jew 2050. How poetic.

*that's also classic taqiyya behaviour btw.

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