Thursday, 22 December 2016

Christmas Hatespeech

I'm a little surprised SJWs chose this as their next target, given the euphoria and optimism sweeping across America thanks to Trump. Although as Vox Day says, they always double down when suffering a setback.

Since they hate white people, men, heterosexuality, God and family, I can see why a display of unapologetic 1940s (normal) values would upset them. But they do look like grinchy killjoys, out to ruin 'the festive season' as they would have us call it. I'm not a real Christmas enthusiast, but normies like fun things and don't like people ruining fun things (see Gamergate); so this makes these SJWs look bad, which is good.

Christmas is all about happy (or pretend-happy) families celebrating the arbitrary birthday of our Lord and saviour and telling the world of (((finance capital, mtv and cosmopolitanism))) to f**k off for a few days*. So be happy (or fake it until you make it) and don't forget to wish your sjw scum neighbours a Merry Christmas, and maybe offer them an exorcism if you're feeling generous.

*yeah, I wish they did this 365.25 days a year too, but we aren't quite there yet.

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