Monday, 5 September 2016

Youtube Going Full SJW?

Maybe they need to, after all Pewdiepie did join ISIS...

So what's this really about? It's a terrible business decision, as we saw with Twitter whose stock price fell after they purged various alt-right accounts including the big gay jew. No way is this about making more ad revenue...the only coherent explanation is that it's about censorship and making sure the 'right' sort of information is visible, while inconvenient truths are swept under the financial carpet. Anyone who uses Google+ knows how un-PC posts and accounts are suppressed while causes like BLM are front and centre, and it's no surprise Youtube is basically extending this policy to cut off 'edgy' channels from funding.

(This is why the rules are vague, so they can be arbitrarily enforced against political opponents. btw is it me or do those rules correlate with Sharia law?)

I'm not sure this will work out as intended; after all, Twitter playing games with Pewdiepie's account didn't make him tone it down; rather he showed support (however ironically) for Trump in response.


  1. I'd modify David Emory's opinion that the ausphart is just like shouting across an open space. There is no privacy. All the twatteraltausphart is Mass Observation and the CHEKA done by yourself. It is, again stealing DE's powder here, wankspying.

    Looked at clearly we've been invited to grafitti a synagogue bog wall. All eyes are on us. It is only because, on aggregate,that the west has been the home of the best instrument for global destruction that the 3am collective executions have not started here. Once the focus shifts to the Far East as home base, and the Li marriage alliances should give warning of when that will be/is, then it is self confession central and lime filled pits here in Epping(Katyn)Foreststylee.

    Mind you I could have got that all wrong after perusing 5000 years of treachery and phukkwittery all wrapped up as sacred bogroll.

    1. Sod that. They don't own us. Who's gonna do the killing, Antifa?

  2. Amazon drones don't just deliver!:-)