Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Links 27 Sep '16

US Election

Popular opinion says Trump won debate, (((Media))) has other ideas
Michael Savage censored for discussing Hillary's health, national broadcast shut down!
US General Michael Flynn: Hillary is Psychotic
Doctor: Hillary Shows Signs of Parkinson's
Could Hillary Campaign be Preparing an October Surprise?
Mark Dice - Liberals Demand Trump be Arrested for "Hate Speech"
Far Left Group Is Running “Make America Mexico Again” Ad
Crazy Satanist Jewess Katy Perry. No further comment


Ficki Ficki comes to Sunderland. Don't get upset, it's just part of their culture. Getting upset and calling for a return of Charles Martel would be racist and Islamophobic.
Hungary claims parts of London a ‘no-go zone’ because of terrorists posing as migrants
British public shows ‘few signs of regret’ over Brexit
Glasgow: ‘whites only’ food bank for homeless
Typical black on white violence in diverse London
Student Leader: Minorities traumatized by Studying too many White People (I sort of agree with this. It would be better for them to learn with their own countries, cultures, people.)
Shitlord former England manager Sam Allardyce: HMRC is the 'most corrupt business' in Britain (Big Sam did nothing wrong lol)

Youtube is hiring a volunteer SJW censor army

Snowden on Google Allo

Russia Called US Twice To Stop US Airstrikes on Assad's Soldiers

Christians, the most persecuted by NATO-terrorist gangs in Syria

Obama: Submit to world government

Obama’s 9/11 veto disregards thousands of victims for sake of geopolitical interests – survivor (Saudi Arabia today, Israel tomorrow...)

Ammon Bundy Explains the Trial - FUSA government war on (kulak) ranchers

Parenting magazine in occupied Germany: blonde, cheerful families likely to be right wing

The Infinitesimally Long Road To Equality

Somali Muslims harass white American walking on the streets of Minnesota

Latinos Ethnically Cleansing African Americans in LA

Miss Sharapova checks her White Privelege

The true Christian teaching on immigration

A Whiff of Schism in the Catholic Church

Euthanasia for Kids Kicks off in Dark, Weird Belgium

Stanislav Petrov, the man who stopped a USSR-US nuclear war

Scientists Use Quantum Mechanics To Teleport Particle 4 Miles

The Top 5 Reasons Why Millennials Will Save Us All (re #4 - millennials are better educated, thanks to the open internet, not commie (((academics!)))

Monday, 26 September 2016

Presidential debate #1 tonight

Should be fun. Will the real Hillary attend, and will she be able to stand up? What angle are the TV analysts going to find to say she 'won'?

Clinton, Trump face off in 1st presidential debate amid confusion over ‘big facts’ & ‘little facts’ (the Russians are probably having a laugh at this whole situation, they have been granted Voltaire's wish)

http://infowars.com/show if you don't mind dick juice ads.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Monday, 19 September 2016

Links 19 Sep '16


Evil Empire breaks ceasefire - strikes Assad's soldiers! 'by accident'

"(((hawkish, neocon elements))) in the US power structure"

Get Out!! (Maybe there are some actual moderate rebels, lol. They should ally with the regime which is the only way to crush the Kurds. Not that I care, we should be as far away from the Sandbox as possible. Our only interest should be to stabilise the country under the current regime so we can return these, 'refugees'.)

Free Syrian Rebel takes selfie with camera connected to IED xD

The Saker: Take The Red Pill Or Fight WW3.
Religious War (is it a war if only one side is fighting?)

Swedish church leaders oppose support for persecuted Christians

British ambassador to Saudi Arabia converts to Islam

German TV ad tells white girls to wear Hijab (else they deserve what they get from their new masters?)

London's Muslim mayor: immigrants shouldn't assimilate (I agree, though not for the same reasons he says. Not interested in sharing a country with them, no thanks.)

Migrants boast they are here for benefits, will never work (what about the jobs white people won't do?)

The Twilight of US Jewry

Molyneux ko's Cher

All Navy Sailors Must Undergo Transgender Education By July 2017

Sympathy for slut who wanted to 'de-stigmatize' herpes?

if Austria had outlawed female voting, the anti-globalist candidate would have won.
Telegony is real - in flies...previous male partners pass on traits to female's offspring with another male

Creepy Clowns Are Terrorizing Children, Parents And Schools All Over America

Japan Has Stopped Having Sex. . .And It’s A Problem (Stupid libertarians don't understand that welcoming millions of low IQ hostile statists into your country is the defeat of your ideology, never mind any other downsides. Japan will still be Japan in 100 years, China will still be China. What of the USA and its >50% nonwhite births since 2012?)
Obama Mocks ‘Workin’ Folks’ for Supporting Trump

Race War (is it a war if only one side is fighting?)

Black mayhem kills Slavic Village in Cleveland

Four Blacks Rob/Stab 64-year-old White Male as he read a book on a park bench in 65% Black Baltimore

The response from white people?...
College Students Stage ‘Die-In’ Over Latest Police Shooting

Mulan petition sparks nearly 90,000 signatures over whitewashing fears

Meanwhile...so progressive, Yes!
"If you just tell people the truth, not only will they not ignore you, they will join up with you"

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The reports of Hillary's death are slightly exaggerated.

A video clip circulating the internet, of WABC-TV Channel 7 "Eyewitness News" in New York City, opened last night with Anchorman Joe Torre saying "more on Hillary Clinton's Death." Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer contacts the news station to ask them directly about this bizarre statement and give them the chance to clarify what happened. Was this a prank in the office, a mistake made by someone on the teleprompter, or perhaps a report that wasn't yet supposed to be released?

Monday, 5 September 2016

Youtube Going Full SJW?

Maybe they need to, after all Pewdiepie did join ISIS...

So what's this really about? It's a terrible business decision, as we saw with Twitter whose stock price fell after they purged various alt-right accounts including the big gay jew. No way is this about making more ad revenue...the only coherent explanation is that it's about censorship and making sure the 'right' sort of information is visible, while inconvenient truths are swept under the financial carpet. Anyone who uses Google+ knows how un-PC posts and accounts are suppressed while causes like BLM are front and centre, and it's no surprise Youtube is basically extending this policy to cut off 'edgy' channels from funding.

(This is why the rules are vague, so they can be arbitrarily enforced against political opponents. btw is it me or do those rules correlate with Sharia law?)

I'm not sure this will work out as intended; after all, Twitter playing games with Pewdiepie's account didn't make him tone it down; rather he showed support (however ironically) for Trump in response.